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Awakening from Alzheimer’s


Day 1

Getting Started: What You Can Do Today to Halt & Reverse Alzheimer’s

Featuring Lee Euler & Peggy Sarlin

Day 2

Forever Young: Maintaining a Youthful Brain to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia 

Featuring Dr Dr. Pamela W. Smith

Day 3

Alzheimer’s & The Wakeful Brain: How Sleep Affects Memory & Cognition

Featuring Dr. Michael Breus

Day 4

The MIND Protocol: Tune Up Your Brain & Turn Off Alzheimer’s

Featuring Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Day 5

Steve’s Story: Dr. Mary Newport’s Personal Triumph Over Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Featuring Dr. Mary Newport

Day 6

Know The Enemy: Identifying Dementia with Advanced Medical Imaging

Featuring Dr. Jay Faber

Day 7

The Metabolic Mind: Rethinking the Ketogenic Diet and Neurodegenerative Disease

Featuring Dr. Dominic D’Agostino & Dr. Angela Poff

Day 8

“Use It or Lose It”: Reversing Alzheimer’s with the TEAM Protocol

Featuring Dr. Vincent Fortanasce

Day 9

The Hidden War Within Your Body

Featuring Dr. Fred Pescatore

Day 10

Feet, Forks, and Fingers: Lifestyle as Medicine in the War on Alzheimer’s

Featuring Dr. David Katz

Day 11

The End of Alzheimer’s In Our Time

Featuring Dr. Dale Bredesen

Day 12

An Army of 100 Trillion: Unleashing Your Body’s Natural Defenses Against Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Featuring Dr. David Perlmutter

Need More Answers? Check Out Our FAQ For All The Details

Awakening from Alzheimer’s | The Event is an online video series taking place over the course of 12 days. Each day, a new segment will be posted for viewing for 24 hours. You’ll be sent a personal link via email to access each of the episodes right here on this website. Each episode is available all throughout the day on the day of its broadcast, and new episodes are updated every day around 9 AM Eastern US time.

Most episodes are about an hour long, and feature host Peggy Sarlin interviewing one of the world’s leading experts in Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Every episode is an individual interview, and stands alone as its own segment. You can watch as many as you like, but they will only be accessible for 24 hours each, after which the segment will be replaced with the next day’s episode. Due to overwhelming requests we will also be planning a free replay weekend following the close of the event.
We’ve spent over a year producing this one-of-a-kind series for the single purpose of touching as many lives as possible. Alzheimer’s disease (and related dementias) is on the rise – where other conditions such as heart disease and cancer have actually been declining, the number of Alzheimer’s cases has skyrocketed an astounding 71% in the past decade! It’s a healthcare crisis of epidemic proportions, and there’s simply no time to waste.

Most people who are facing the disease are told there’s nothing that can be done. But that’s simply not the case.

As you’ll learn during this 12-day event, there ARE things you can do to reduce your risk and even reverse the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia. We’ve made it our mission to share this information with the world, which is why there’s absolutely NO COST to participate in the event.

Alzheimer’s disease is a complex condition that medical science doesn’t fully understand yet. For decades, the only answer family and loved ones received from their doctors was that there was nothing anyone could do but take an expensive prescription drug and wait for the inevitable.

But what we’re learning – on a daily basis – is that there are therapies and protocols that are effective in treating (and even reversing the symptoms) of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

These studies are being conducted not in the boardrooms of Big Pharma, but in the clinics and labs of America’s top doctors and research institutions. Institutions such as Columbia University, Yale, and UCLA to name a few, and in the private practices of some of the nation’s most esteemed physicians and neuroscientists.

You’re about to hear from 14 of the doctors on the frontlines of this disease who’ve pulled back the curtain on what’s working – what’s REALLY working – in their battle against this health crisis, and you’ll discover useable, actionable techniques to put to work right away in your own life.

What you’ll learn over the course of this 12-day event is nothing short of amazing, and you’ll question WHY you haven’t heard this information anywhere else.

You are absolutely encouraged to share this free online video series with the world. However, the event is only available to registered attendees. They must have an email address on file with us in order to receive the links for each day’s episode.

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We are working on several several affordable options to make this information accessible for everyone, as well as extending a special event-only discount for registered attendees! We don’t have final details available yet, but we are going the extra mile to add supplemental material that supports the valuable content in the video series. You’ll hear more details as they become available!